Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) 

Customer-centric organizations utilize technology to differentiate.  Many technologies help make your organization more customer-centric.  CRM.  Master Data Management.  Customer Analytics.  Data Warehouses.  Big Data.  Hadoop.  Data Lakes. 

None of them deliver the complete understanding of the customer.


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None of those technologies give you what you need – a realistic customer likeness and the ability to view multiple user-specific perspectives of the customer.  Existing systems manage static views of the customer built for one perspective and one point in time. 

They can’t evolve to handle new data sources to deliver a complete customer understanding.


One Part Data Management, One Part Analytics

That is where Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) comes in.  It is data management + analytics.  It stores any type of customer data.  It understands raw data and synthesizes it into a customer likeness.  It offers insights and predictions on the customer and their unique journey.  It learns – it gets smarter as it ingests more data and interacts with more users. 


The AllSight Customer Intelligence Management System offers you something unique that you don’t get from existing systems – the ability to generate deep customer intelligence from ALL sources of data, and to continuously evolve and seek out new customer data.

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 Learn How Customer Intelligence Management (CIM) Generates Deep customer Intelligence From ALL Sources Of data

Use Cases


Organizations can apply customer intelligence management to solve a variety of customer-centric problems. 


From personalized marketing offers to personalized omni-channel service to customer data lakes, CIM can address immediate needs in your organization. 

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A pre-built CIM

AllSight empowers your customer-facing employees to create exceptional customer experiences. AllSight is different than your existing systems. 
It manages an evolving likeness of your customer.  It investigates every possible source of customer data.  And it generates deep customer intelligence through analytics.  It delivers that intelligence to your customer-facing employees through their existing applications or via its customer intelligence dashboard. 
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